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Rider-Ericsson "Improved" Hot Air Water Pumping Engine

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"Improved" Rider-Ericsson
Hot Air Water Pumping Engine
2" Bore

Shown to the right is a finished model based off of the "Improved" Rider-Ericsson water pumping engine produced in the late 1800's and early 1900's by the Rider-Ericsson Co.






"Improved" Rider-Ericsson Hot Air
 Water Pumping Engine Casting Kit with Drawings
  • 2 in. Dia cylinder Bore
  • 22 in. High (To top of flywheel)
  • 11 1/2 in. Long
  • 10 in. Deep
  • 9 in. Dia. Flywheel
  • 7 Aluminum Castings
    • Base
    • Firebox and door
    • Cold side
    • Frame
    • Regenerator cover
    • Pump
  • 2 Iron Casting (Flywheel, Pistons)
  • 7 Pieces of Steel Tubing
  • Stack elbow and Pipe
  • Shipping Weight: Approximately 50 lbs.
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